So what is all this hullabaloo about mid-engine cars versus rear engine cars ?

It is no secret in the automobile performance world that rear engine cars have traditionally required a great deal of driving expertise in order to master control of the car when driving in high performance conditions especially on wet or sandy road conditions.

Admittedly it is exciting to watch these cars on the race track rounding curves with the rear ends hung out 90 degrees to the direction of travel and the front wheels turned hard locked in the same direction - this is not something you want to do on public roads or streets by choice or otherwise, but you might have to.

See for yourself


What is the answer for avoiding these undesirable traits ?

Best bet there is to ask all of the world class performance road car manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Jaguar, Maseratti, etc. who deliver power, handling, braking, stability, and reliability. The primary feature of their accomplishments is placing the engine at mid-ship (i.e.  mid-engine) thereby creating a balanced platform with a very low polar moment of inertia (a measure of resistance of rotation).

Without getting too technical let's conclude by saying if these pricey world class cars have mid-engines there must be a good technical reason for it -  by the way... none of them have rear engines.


Does the  Super Speedster have a mid engine type platform ?

Absolutely !   and a whole lot more such as:

  1. Macpherson strut front suspension - adjustable
  2. Double upper wishbone rear suspension - adjustable
  3. Rack and Pinion Steering
  4. 4 Wheel disc brakes - power assisted


What Super Speedster  standard features

 are not found on the rear engine VW Speedsters ?

  1. Wider and longer foot well
  2. Better engine cooling for long life
  3. Steel reinforced doors
  4. Welded structural tube chassis
  5. Heavy duty suspension and braking components (300+hp capability)
  6. Fuel tank impact protected and removed from over your lap
  7. Hydraulic clutch
  8. High quality isophthalic fiberglass resins and gelcoats
  9. Zero bump steer alignment
  10. Wider and fully adjustable seats with headrests
  11. 3 point retractable seat belts
  12. Sheet metal floor, foot well, and firewall
  13. Over-center spring assist clutch pedal
  14. Accurate body shape and interior appointments
  15. unequaled handling, braking, and high speed stability
  16. Easy to build with full build support
  17. Customer full satisfaction