1. Welded structural frame with all suspension and steering connection points accurately located and drilled
  2. Frame coated with epoxy black bed liner
  3. 356 Porsche restoration metal floor welded to frame
  4. Welded Steel firewall and kick panels
  5. Steering column support beam
  6. Firewall drilled for your Subaru Pedal Assembly/brake booster/hydraulic clutch cylinder
  7. Drop out engine/trans/ rear suspension cradle
  8. Motor mounts and trans mounts welded to frame cradle
  9. Steering Rack mounts welded
  10. Macpherson Strut connection bracket welded
  11. 2 custom built adjustable trailing arms
  12. 2 custom built rear toe adjusting tie rods
  13. 2 front Macpherson strut carriers with replaceable cartridge
  14. all attaching bolts and nuts for your suspension components
  15. speedometer cable spindle adapter


  1. Complete (non flared) Speedster body shell
  2. made in USA with hand laid fiberglass using only the highest quality isophthalic (iso) resins and gelcoats
  3. Doors, hood, and deck lid mounted, hinged, and latched
  4. All body panels and gaps fitted
  5. Body coated with polyester primer ready for paint preparation
  6. All cutouts (headlight, tail light, park light, horn grills, gauges) marked ready to cut for standard components
  7. Windshield post holes located and drilled
  8. Front hood pull cable
  9. Front and rear trunk storage compartments
  10. Door interiors steel reinforced
  11. Interior door latch releases and handles installed
  12. Rear trunk latch bracket
  13. 2 Headlight dust buckets
  14. Fiberglass floor tunnel - proper 356A dimensions
  15. Front and rear fiberglass bumpers (not installed - leaves option of omission)
  16. Forward trunk fiberglass dust cover for pedal assembly/wiper motor
  17. Pre-mounted to above frame - removable
  18. Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin  (MCO)



TOTAL PACKAGE COST ----- $14,995.00  fob TN