What's included in the Super Speedster body/frame kit ?


The mid engine Super Speedster assembly package is designed to be very DIY user friendly not only in the ease of assembly, but also allowing procurement of most of the finishing components only when you need them and from whom you wish to buy.  This keeps initial cost down and paced as you finish the car.  This DIY Super Speedster kit is for the enthusiast who not only wants the gratification of successfully building his own car but also ending up with a true sports car with proper appearance, handling, braking, and safety


A structural welded frame (not a sub frame) - AWS certified weld shop

  • completely painted with black epoxy coating
  • attached welded steel floor pan
  • welded steel firewall and foot well shields
  • all connection points accurately located and drilled for your front and rear suspension
  • mounting holes drilled for your steering rack
  • 2 unique adjustable rear trailing arms
  • 2 unique rear adjustable tie rods
  • 2 front macpherson strut carriers and replaceable cartridges
  • bolt-in engine/rear suspension cradle (engine/trans and suspension can be removed from below the car)
  • attaching holes drilled for your 3 point seat belts
  • mounting holes located for your driver/passenger seat 
  • fiberglass floor tunnel
  • brake hose connection tabs mounted
  • speedometer cable spindle adapter
  • support beam for your steering column and park brake handle
  • all attaching bolts and nuts for your suspension components 
  • brackets mounted for your VW Type 1 engine and transaxle 
  • mounting holes located and drilled for your Brake Booster/master cylinder and clutch cylinder


A  356A Speedster Fiberglass Body - Assembled

  • Non flared 356A Speedster replica body mounted to frame (can be removed for further assembly)
  • hand laid in USA using only the highest quality isophthalic (iso) resins and gelcoats
  • doors fitted, hinged, and latched
  • doors inner liners steel reinforced
  • Hood fitted, hinged, and latched with pull cable release
  • Deck lid fitted, hinged, and prepared for your latch (Subaru donor part)
  • Interior door latch releases and handles installed
  • Cockpit fiberglass engine cover lid with over center latches
  • Forward trunk fiberglass pedal access cover
  • marked cut outs for your tail lights, headlights, park lights, horn grilles  (leaves option for changes)
  • 2 Headlight dust buckets
  • Front and rear fiberglass bumpers (not installed - leaves option of omission)
  • Windshield post holes located and drilled
  • Body surface coated with sandable gray polyester primer


NOTE:  The assembly process requires that the body be removed from the frame while chassis work is being completed.  Simultaneously the removed body will be sent to a facility for painting.  When the chassis work is completed the painted body can be lowered back onto the chassis and attached as before.


A parts and sourcing list for the remaining non-supplied parts