What engines and transaxles can be used with a mid engine Super Speedster ?


The Super Speedster kit is delivered in only one configuration allowing drop in-bolt in:

Type 3 VW engine and 4 speed transaxle

( even lower center of gravity plus the cooling air comes from forward of the engine)


Why a Type 3 Engine?

  • Type 3 and Type 1 engines are mechanically the same.        
  • Notice that the cooling air intake is FORWARD of the engine where it picks up ambient cooling air not in the REAR where it picks up waste engine heat and exhaust heat.   
  • The center of gravity of the Super Speedster is even further lower because there is no upright fan shroud with fan, alternator and stand, and carburetor with crossover intake manifold.                                                
  • Type 3 utilizes dual  carburetors.                     
  • Heck... it just looks good in the car.


All engines and transaxles supplied by the Builder


With skillful alteration you can also utilize:

  • Type 3 with early 5 speed  -  a common addition


The Super Speedster chassis, suspension, steering, and brakes  all have a 300+hp design capability whereas other Speedster replica kits with VW chassis and components are only rated at only 36-60hp .