Why are the mid engine Super Speedster features superior to the currently available VW pan based Speedsters?


Mid engine Super Speedsters have:

  • Structural welded chassis designed for use with modern suspension, braking, and steering components that come from cars with greater horse power drive trains.


  • Power assisted 4 wheel disc brakes


  • Mid engine location for high performance handling, braking, and driving.  This same design parameter is used by Ferrari, Lamborghini and other high performance Porsches to name a few.


  • Frame protected fuel tank not located over your lap.


  • Welded 3 point retractable seat belts


  • Wider interior floor pan.  4" wider than VW pan based Speedsters same as the original Speedsters


  • Greater foot well width and length


  • Steel reinforced doors  for greater strength and durability


  • Rear storage trunk