I have heard that some companies take over a year to deliver their kit and usually missing some parts.  What are Super Speedster delivery commitments ?


Our goal is to get into the hands of the DIY builder a buildable Speedster kit that requires no alterations or extraordinary skills.  Using the kit as delivered, selected options, and the recommended sourced parts takes all of the mystery and uncertainty out of the process.  Plus you have a video manual to backup your efforts.


Our pledge is:

  1. have the base kit ready to deliver/or pick up within 30 days (probably less) of placing an order
  2. If that cannot be achieved the order will not be accepted.
  3. Ebay purchases are ready immediately plus Ebay provides buyer protection.
  4. If circumstances cause an unexpected delay beyond 30 days you will have the option to cancel the order and immediate return of your deposit.
  5. We also use PAYPAL for deposits so you have purchase protection through them.