What is a mid engine Super Speedster ?


A "mid engine Super Speedster" is a replica of the 1957 356A Speedster without all of the undeniable historic performance and safety limitations which are also found on virtually all of the VW Speedster replicas currently available worldwide.


What are these typical performance and safety limitations of other Speedster replica kits ?
  • VW pan based kits have undesirable weight bias


    • the heavy rear mounted engine on the shortened wheelbase creates an unavoidable over-steer and a tendency to "swing out" and possible loss of control during enthusiastic sports car type driving.  Wet or sandy conditions aggravate this situation even further.  The light front end lessens high speed stability as well as steering control and braking capability.
    •   After all.. isn't this supposed to be a sports car ?
    • Mid Engine Super Speedsters enjoy the high performance traits afforded by the mid mount engine plus a lot more desirable features

  • VW pan based kits typically have Antiquated steering, suspensions, and braking systems (1938 design)


    • These features when altered by necessity to accommodate the requirements of the rear engine replica become unpredictable in their performance and durability. The original Beetle had 36-55hp with steering, brakes, and suspensions designed for that limit.
    • Mid Engine Super Speedsters have modern rack and pinion steering, adjustable Macpherson strut front suspension, adjustable double upper wishbone rear suspension, large 4 wheel disc brakes-power assisted, heavy duty double caged bearings on all four corners designed for 300+ hp

  • Inaccurate body shape and interior


    • Virtually all VW Speedster replicas available today are  somewhat inaccurate in their exterior body shape and especially in the interior treatments such as upholstery, carpet, floor pan width, park brake handle location, and tunnel size.
    • Mid engine Super Speedsters offer a very accurate presentation

  • Undesirable lap type seat belts


    • 3 point seat belts are preferred as in the Super Speedster and all three anchors need to be attached to the frame of the car which VW pan Speedsters do not have.
    • Mid engine Super Speedsters provide 3 point anchors all attached to main frame members

  • Questionable structural integrity


    • Original VW Beetles were designed as a composite of a bolted body and a pan in order to achieve adequate strength.  The VW replica Speedster requires removal of the body and its structural integrity and replaces it with a perimeter sub-frame.
    • Mid engine Super Speedsters have a welded structural frame totally independent of strength provided by a body structure

  • Questionable fuel tank location


    • VW pan based Speedsters mount the fuel tanks over your lap.  They are restrained by lag screws into the fiberglass trunk floor which separates you from the tank.   They do not have structural impact protection.
    • Mid engine Super Speedster fuel tanks are located forward and away from the passenger zone down below impact level and surrounded by 2" x 5" welded structural steel frame members.  Occupant zone is separated  from fuel tank by welded steel firewall and steel floor.

  • Are the seats comfortable and adjustable
  • Occupant seats in VW pan based Speedsters  are limited to small non adjustable fiberglass buckets.
  • Mid engine Super Speedster floors are 4 inches wider than the VW pan versions thereby allowing use of the "Roadster" style seat which has slide, lean, recline adjustments.  Adjustable head rests attached to steel tube seat frame are available.


In Short -  the Super Speedster kit is presented to the enthusiast who not only wants the gratification of successfully building his own car in a reasonable time frame, but also seeks the pleasure of having a finished car with a quality and sports car type performance worthy of the personal and monetary investment.


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