Compare a mid-engine Super Speedster with a VW Pan Speedster

A comparison can best be accomplished by reviewing key elements of the cars in a tabular form.




Is the engine-transaxle rear or mid mounted Mid mounted Rear mounted  
What is the typical weight bias F/R 48/52 40/60  
What type steering rack and pinion recirculating ball  
What type brake system 4 wheel disc 4 wheel drum -VW  
Manual or power brakes Power Manual  
What is the design HP rating of the brakes 300+ 36-55  
What is the design HP rating of the suspension 300+ 36-55  
Which VW engine is used Type 3 Type 1  
 Does the cooling air come in front or rear of the engine Front Rear  
Do the recommended seats lean, recline, and slide and have steel frame structure Yes No  
Do those seats have legal adjustable head rests Yes No  
Can the car use the wider roadster seats Yes No  
How much lower than VW pan cars do these seats mount to floor 2-1/2" lower same as VW or 2" higher  
What type seat belts can be used 3 point retractable lap belts  
Are seat belt 3 points anchored to the steel frame Yes No  
What type windshield wipers can be used Cable  2 speed-park Link arm 1 speed no park  
What type clutch release Hydraulic Cable  
What type transmission shifter Cable Rod  
How wide is the inside floor 48" 44"  
Is the foot well wider and longer than the VW Yes No  
Is the floor tunnel proper size and location Yes No  
Where is Park Brake handle located under dash left between seats  
Where is gas tank located forward trunk - low forward trunk - high  
Is the tank protected from impact surrounded by 2"x5" frame Surrounded by fiberglass  
Does the car have a forward trunk Yes Yes  
Does the car have a rear trunk Yes No  
Do the doors have internal steel reinforcement Yes No  
Are occupants surrounded by welded diagonal frame structure Yes No